Gambling online is fun and it more comfortable than having to drive several minutes and wait on a queue at a physical casino. With the inception of online gaming, anyone from anywhere can go online and play several casino games as long as online gambling is allowed in their country. Among the most common table games that almost all casinos feature is the roulette game. Online roulette is an interesting game that comes with several amazing features. Find out where to play roulette online on .

Roulette game is a game of chance. This means that your probability to win anything in the game is based on pure chance. When you load an online roulette game on your device, you'll see three things - the roulette betting table, the roulette wheel, and the roulette ball. These are the components used in playing the game. The betting table is where players will place their preferred bet, and there are several types of bets available. However, these bets are categorized into just two - the outside bet and the inner bet.

The Inner and Outside Roulette Bets Explained

Let's discuss the types of bets further before explaining the rest of the gameplay. A roulette betting table consist of two parts. There is a long part where you will see numbers which are sectioned into row and columns. This is the part of the table where you can place inside bets. You can bet on a single number being the outcome of the spin (straight bets) or you can bet on a group of numbers such as street and column bets.

There is also another smaller part on the betting table where you will find relationships between numbers. This smaller part is the outside bet section. You can also place different kinds of outer bets such as the bet on colours, even/odd, dozen bets and several others. One thing you should note, however, is that the payout odds for inside bets are way higher than outside bets. Straight bet, for example, pays a 35:1 while most outside bets pay only as high as 2:1.


The Game Round

After you are done placing your bets, the croupier which is also referred to as the dealer will go ahead and spin the wheel of the game. He will then drop the ball into the wheel while it is spinning. The pocket which the ball finally lands on by the time the whole spinning has stopped is the winning roulette number. Each roulette version has different numbers of pockets that are available in the roulette wheel, and this also affects the house edge of the game.

For example, the European Roulette version has 37 pockets all through which is a single zero as well as the numbers 1 to 36. As for the American roulette version, the number of pockets is 38 and this is due to the inclusion of a double zero. French roulette is one of the best and most popularly played variants of an online roulette game because it includes two extra rules called the La Partage rule and the En Prison rule. This rule makes the house edge of the game slightly better.